Reclosers and switches

Medium voltage reclosers and switching equipment up to 36 kV

Load break switches up to 36 kV

Load break switches up to 36 kV

SFload break switches are used in power distribution grids along with reclosers to segment long lines and to increase control capabilities.

They offer a reliable operation, user safety, low maintenance and a long life, combined in a cheap device that offers advanced capabilities in terms of protection, control and automation. They are available with 3 automation levels.

They are capable to open the feeder under normal operating conditions. When a fault occurs and the main circuit breaker or nearest recloser trips off, the load break swith is able to open the line, isolating the faulted segment and allowing a quick service restoration in segments unaffected by the incidence.

Their application on medium voltage overhead feeders significantly improves the quality of service reliability indicators, minimizing the number of users affected when permanent faults occurs and enhancing system reconfiguration options.

Arteche load break switches can be supplied with different command and control options: Manual only, with electric drive for future automation or with a control cabinet for automation and local/remote operation.


(1) On request.
(2) Available in automation and automatic prepared versions.
(3) Available in automatic mode with control box version.

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