Measurement sensors. Medium voltage sensors.

A wide range of current and voltage sensors to deploy smart grid functionalities over medium voltage networks.

Combined with advanced IEDs, Arteche low power instrument transformers (sensors) provide the accuracy and reliability required to monitor and control MV lines enhancing operation efficiency and automation capabilities. Arteche’s Smart grid MV sensors installed in strategic network nodes provide key measures to locate faults, to balance feeders load and to enable the most advanced smart grid functionalities at a low cost (i.e.: Fault location, isolation and service restoration FLISR, load balancing LB, multilevel feeder reconfiguration MFR, Distribution Operation Model and Analysis DOMA).

With a compact design, Arteche medium voltage sensors do not require onsite calibration and are specially designed to operate in all kind of primary and secondary distribution environments: overhead lines, underground lines, GIS switchgears, AIS switchgears and other primary equipment.

Documentation and Support

Datasheet sensART UNDERSENS
Datasheet sensART OVERSENS
Datasheet sensART PLUGSENS
Datasheet sensART LPCTSC
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Flyer Medium voltage sensors and PLC couplers
Brochure Distribution Automation
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Installation manual comART OVERCAP
Flyer Medium voltage sensors kits for distribution automation
Technical article Enhancing distribution automation with current and voltage sensors
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Ficha técnica comART PLUGCAP
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Ficha técnica sensART ROGOWSKI
Ficha técnica sensART OVERSENS
Ficha técnica sensART PLUGCOM
Ficha técnica sensART UNDERSENS
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