IEEE/ANSI Primary metering units PMU

Primary metering units PMU up to 34.5 kV

MI-015 - 15 kV - Pad Mounted Primary Metering Unit

MI-015 - 15 kV - Pad Mounted Primary Metering Unit

ARTECHE MI series metering units are outdoor, three-phase, pad-mounted cabinets.

The cabinet is made of #12 caliber stainless steel lamination (2.7 mm or 0.105 in) with Munsell Green #7GY 3.29/1.5 powder finish. The doors are padlockable with a three point latch and a penta-head bolt.

MI series incorporate 3 combined transformers. Their core is encapsulated with Type B epoxy resin which provides excellent internal dielectric properties and mechanical strength, ensuring a long mechanical and electrical life. The transformer is maintenance free.

The entire surface of the transformer is coated with a conductive layer that is intended to be solidly grounded when energized. This allows for compact mounting inside switchgear or enclosures.

The core is built with high permeability grain oriented silicon steel laminations for low losses. The windings are copper wire with copper plate double isolation. The concentric distribution of the coils prevents magnetic flux leakage, achieving greater accuracy and higher capacity to withstand mechanical stresses in adverse operating conditions.

Partial Discharge measurements exceed the IEEE, CAN/CSA and IEC requirements.

The primary bushing well connections are IEEE 386 compliant, rated 200 A loadbreak or 600 A non load-break. The secondary terminals are pre-wired to a 10 position test switch and 9S meter socket in standard red/black colors.

Documentation and Downloads

Datasheet Outdoor metering unit MI-015
Brochure Instrument transformers guide