New 18-contact test block

7 Feb 2020
Arteche’s new 18-contact test block, saTECH TSB 18, allows testing of secondary equipment in an easy and safe way, completely separating it from field elements and minimizing any risk for the user.

We introduce the new 18-contact test block saTECH TSB 18. This new equipment simplifies secondary injection testing in any substation automation system.

The new saTECH TSB 18 allows the isolation of circuits and IEDs, separating them from field elements. Thus, the user does not have access to live parts, either during the insertion or during the removal of the rake, eliminating any risk. In addition, both sequences prevent unwanted trips and operations.

With a compact, 18-pole design, it can be used in any type of protection scheme.

A configuration tool will guide us to know the item that best fits the protection scheme.

The low resistance of the contacts guarantees excellent performance in all types of applications, including testing of the latest highly sensitive digital equipment.

It has a range of vertical and horizontal placements, adapting itself to placement needs in system cabinets, and due to of each model’s selection versatility, it is possible to select the type and characteristics of each pole to adjust it to the specific requirements of each application.

This new equipment joins the 14-contact Test Block saTECH TSB 14, of which more than 30,000 units have already been installed in 35 countries in recent years.

New 18-contact test block