New Arteche EMEA Representatives Convention 2019

14 Jun 2019

From 11th to 13th of June, Arteche held its EMEA Representatives Convention 2019.

During the three days event, we have worked with our comprehensive network of European representatives, explaining our challenges and 2018 milestones. We have presented our strategic plan that defines where we are headed in the coming years, including developing value-added services based on our technologies and knowledge.

We have also talked about the competitive landscape, and the technology and markets trends. We showed our latest news regarding our High Voltage Instrument Transformers up to 800kV, our Medium Voltage Instrument Transformers, and our Power Voltage Transformers that can be used for various applications, such as power supply for telecommunication and monitoring systems.

We have shared the new fields of application thanks to the digital measurement based on optical instrument transformers and Stand Alone Mergin Unit (SAMU) for projects with process bus under the paradigm of the digital substation. We have also presented our solutions to integrate renewable energy complying with strict grid codes.

In addition, this convention has been the opportunity to present to our representatives our Code of Ethics, our behaviour guidelines that include the principles and values that guide us when undertaking our professional activity.

New Arteche EMEA Representatives Convention 2019