New online relay configurator

14 Dec 2020
Check our new online configurator and find your SKU. With a wide range of voltages, options and accessories, Arteche relays perfect fit each application requirement, guaranteeing a reliable performance during a long product lifecycle, also under severe environmental conditions.

With more than 60 years’ experience manufacturing high quality electromechanical relays (EM relays), Arteche is a worldwide reference for critical and safety applications. Our offering includes a complete range of auxiliary, trip, lockout and contactor relays specially designed for the most demanding environments, both in power and railway sector. Millions of Arteche power relays are in service worldwide. 

This new configurator tool will provide you with an easy way to search through our complete range of relays and choose the one that fits your needs, getting to the specific P/N and even SKU number. Your quote, just a couple of clicks away.

The right choice: Why should I use the relays config tool?

We manufacture and manage thousands of relays references both for power and railway industries. Each relay has its own unique SKU depending on the selected range, characteristics and options. Any option change may vary price or delivery time. Matching your needs with our SKUs allow us to give you a detailed response. You can do it wherever, whenever and you will get your quotation faster, with a higher level of detail, and better documented than with the traditional phone call, VC or email-guided process. 

How can I access the relays online configurator?

To access this tool, you need to be a registered user at It is free, it will take you less than 5 minutes and you will be provided with access to enhanced contents, like online config tools or technical brochures. 

How to find the right choice?

An error-free operation and a reliable performance during an extended lifespan are common features of our relays. From this starting point, our offering is organized by 2 main areas, including models designed and manufactured aiming 2 specific engineering fields: 

Each area includes ranges, options and accessories tailored to cover most demanding standards of each specific application. 

When you rollover or display an area, a category list is unfolded. When you access a category, a complete list of models is displayed. By means of dynamic filters, you get references and compatible accessories in seconds, helping you to get the right choice based on your application requirements and preferences. 

New online relay configurator