New overhead distribution automation controller

17 Mar 2021
The adaTECH CMDO is a new overhead distribution automation controller designed to control and monitor Load Break Switches (LBS).

Distribution automation controllers are remote terminal units (field RTUs) that provide a complete view of the position providing information to the control station for advanced management and operation of the smart grid. This greatly facilitates the reduction of supply interruptions and technical losses in the system. They provide control functions that enable the deployment of distribution automation services, such as fault detection and isolation, outage management and restoration, load balancing and Volt/VAR optimization.

Arteche's new overhead distribution automation controller, adaTECH CMDO, in combination with low power instrument transformers (according to IEC 61869), offers an optimal solution to operate and manage motorized Load Break Switches (LBS), providing real-time network and equipment status data from the position to the company's central dispatch level and asset management services.

Its flexibility, low maintenance and compact size make it a perfect solution both for upgrading MV LBS installations and for the installation of new equipment on distribution lines.

This new equipment allows, among other things, advanced directional fault passage detection, the implementation of fault isolation algorithms for service restoration (FLISR), the management of supply interruptions and the monitoring of the state of the electrical switchgear, as well as the load flow on the line.

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New overhead distribution automation controller