New plug-and-play solution for renewables grid code compliance: the smartVAR IC

11 Jun 2019

It is a plug-and-play solution, easy to transport and quick to start up, specially designed for reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering in renewables generation plants such as wind farms or photovoltaic parks. This alternative offers versatility at a competitive cost to meet network codes and connection requirements, even in remote locations.

The new smartVAR IC series is a system that combines capacitor banks and harmonic filters in a ISO/DV standard container specially adapted for the application. The system is factory-assembled and configured to ensure that it is supplied fully tested, minimizing field work and associated risks. Its form factor, a standard container, makes it easy to transport by sea or land without the need for special means or cranes.

The grid integration of renewable energies presents some technical challenges: The location of the new wind farms and photovoltaic parks, the variability of these energy sources, and the impact of their behavior on the operation of the grid. SmartVAR IC capacitor banks and harmonic filters provide answers to simplify the grid interconnection of wind farms and photovoltaic parks: They meet the reactive and harmonic requirements defined in different grid codes, offer high reliability and availability, and are easily installed, even in remote locations. All of these advantages are provided at a competitive cost compared to alternative solutions.

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Renewable Reactive Harmonic

New plug-and-play solution for renewables grid code compliance: the smartVAR IC