New ultra-fast instantaneous auxiliary relay for ultra-fast tripping applications

22 Mar 2017

Arteche introduces the new RF-4UR instantaneous auxiliary relay for ultrafast tripping applications, with 4 changeover contacts and plug-in format. This new relay completes the tripping product range designed for the energy sector.

Together with the auxiliary power devices, it is tailored to the needs and philosophies of the client where it is necessary to make the tripping separately from opening the contacts of the coils of the cut-out elements.

With actuation times in tripping of less than 3 ms., this device allows operating in highly demanding, critical facilities where response times and high reliability are essential key factors.

Thanks to the design of this device, without the need for complex electronic circuits that affect its reliability, in normal operating temperatures, we can guarantee the non-occurrence of trippings with lower voltages than those of excitation, avoiding unwanted untimely actions.

This new auxiliary relay far exceeds the strictest regulatory and functional standards, similar to those required for protection equipment in Substations, providing the performance and reliability that characterizes Arteche auxiliary relays.

This relay in plug-in format is fully compatible with the current bases and accessories, standard for the entire range of 4-contact devices that Arteche offers.

With this new model, we offer the Market the possibility of selecting the most adequate reference for each application in the ultrafast relay line, combining single tripping applications in DIN format with the RXR-4 model, and/or highly inductive tripping and load operating applications with the RJ-4XR4 and CJ-4XR4 models respectively.

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New ultra-fast instantaneous auxiliary relay for ultra-fast tripping applications