New VMAC voltage measurement adapter

15 Jul 2020
The new VMAC voltage measurement adapter allows for a transparent connection of medium voltage sensors (Low Power Voltage Transformers, LPVT) to IEDs equipped with conventional analog inputs

Introducing the new VMAC voltage measurement adapter. This signal conditioning card allows for a connection of the voltage sensors (low power voltage transformers or LPVTs) to the IEDs equipped with conventional analog inputs.

The new VMAC voltage measurement adapter makes it possible for low-power voltage transformers to be connected to multi-function protection devices that only have inputs for conventional measurement transformers. This equipment amplifies the output signal of the sensor, while maintaining the precision, to adapt it to a signal equivalent to that of a conventional voltage transformer.

Secondary distribution is currently facing the challenge that power flow in the network is no longer unidirectional due to the appearance of new generation points, the so-called distributed generation. To know the direction of flow it is necessary to measure the voltage, so that it is possible to polarize the current signal and determine its direction, in other words, to determine the direction of power flow.

In this way we can use the VMAC with 3 voltage sensors (LPVT) instead of 3 conventional voltage transformers, thus requiring a smaller space. The installation process of these equipments is very simple due to the smaller size and weight of the measuring equipments when compared to the conventional ones.

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New VMAC voltage measurement adapter