The operator of the Singapore Metro keeps on relying on the quality and reliability of the Arteche relays

SMRT will upgrade its Siemens C651 train fleet using Arteche’s high-performance railway relays
Relays Arteche metro singapore

After the positive experience using Arteche relays during the execution of the North-South and East-West lines re-signaling project, carried out by Thales, SMRT the operator of the Singapore Metro, through its subsidiary SRE Pte Ltd, continues to rely on the Arteche's range of railway relays.

Arteche relays have been installed in the entire fleet of trains of the Singaporean operator for several years, along with the new CBTC signaling system, the SelTrac model from Thales. Based on its positive experience, the SMRT subsidiary, Singapore Rail Engineering, has also placed its trust on Arteche relays for the mid-life refurbishment project of the Siemens C651 train fleet which is currently on-going.

The 19 trains with EMU technology consist of 6 cars each, totaling a fleet of 114 wagons that will be updated with improvements in the propulsion systems, signaling, braking systems, doors opening and closing, air conditioning, all of this using Arteche relays as a seal of quality and safety during the operation of these trains over the next years.