High voltage instrument transformers

Current, voltage and combined transformers, oil-paper or gas insulated up to 800 kV.

Optical Current Transformer

Optical Current Transformer

ARTECHE optical current transformer is presented as an alternative to current conventional current transformers, offering an advanced solution for both measuring and protection applications based on optical technology. Some of the main features of optical current transformer are:

  • Extensive bandwidth, able to measure both DC and AC current up to 100 harmonic and above.
  • Precision of IEC 60044-8 class 0.2 measure. 
  • Unlimited Dynamic Rank
  • Output compliant with IEC 61850-9-2LE without using a merging unit
  • Dimensions and weight reduced
  • Do not require maintenance and offers a life more prolonged
  • Avoid modes of failure of type explosion and situations of secondary open
  • Solid insulation without using oil or gas SF6. It respects the environment.

SDO OCT is ideally suited for:

  • Digital measurement for metering & protection based on the IEC 61850 process bus protocol.
  • Custom, LEA output. Can also be provided for other applications, such as:
    • HVDC.
    • FACTS.

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