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Optical Current Transformer SDO-OCT

Optical Current Transformer SDO-OCT

ARTECHE’s SDO-OCT is a passivemodular optical current transformer that can be used for any voltage level. The device is based on three elements: an optical current transducer (SDO-ICT), the insulator and the merging unit (SDO MU).

SDO-ICT is a fully passive optical transducer that provides a digital measurement solution for metering and protection applications. The passive interferometric transducer can offer Cl 0.2 accuracy over an unlimited range of primary currents.

The SDO-ICT transducer can be mounted with different types of post-insulator that cover any insulation level that might be required. The post-type insulator uses solid insulation. There is no risk of violent failure modes and it is environmentally friendly.

Maintenance: There is no risk of insulator leakage (no oil or gas is used) and no maintenance is required.

The SDO-ICT can also be used for DC measurement.

Documentation and Downloads

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Catálogo transformador de corrente ótica SDO OCT

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