Protection of mixed overhead-underground lines

CFD offers a reliable, fully passive, line differential (87L) or Earth Overcurrent (50G) solution

Optical Multiplexer SDO MUX

Optical Multiplexer SDO MUX

Botón youtubeThe fiber optics cables on the OPGW of the HV line are an important asset for the utility. Since ARTECHE’s Cable Fault Detector solution requires dedicated fiber pairs, ARTECHE’s SDO MUX enables an efficient use of this scarce resource.

In those lines where the differential algorithm is needed, it is possible to use ARTECHE’s SDO MUX to reduce the number of dedicated fiber pairs to a third. This is done by connecting the 3 SDO FCT-s in an overhead-underground transition to a SDO MUX. The SDO MUX multiplexes the 3 current measurement signals in a single fiber optics pair using a passive TDM technique.

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