Moving Together

Arteche is all of us who work in the company, for the company and with the company. This is so because we are the ones who make all its facets come true every time we deal with a customer, when we approve a new product and when we launch a press release.

This is our strength.

Arteche is a dynamic, active company with initiative. Still, we want to move forward, towards new goals, with new ambitions, all together.

We want to appropriate a territory: the territory of the relationships

Having a sense of direction shows an attitude. A non-conformist attitude and away from the status quo in the sector.
If from the beginning we were different and we set a way of acting of our own, which is appreciated by our clients, why should we let others dictate how we should behave?

To recap, we have a heightened sense of relationship and a sense of direction. If we add both concepts, the idea is clear: we go shoulder to shoulder with our partners, our colleagues, walking together that imaginary path that is the relationship itself, the daily work, with a common goal, overcoming together the obstacles that we may find, marking together the route to follow, each one contributing to the journey what they know best.

Walking the way together, paving the way together.

Each project is a journey and each journey is an experience which makes us grow as professionals and strengthens our relationship with the client—our travel companion. This path is where our relationships are developed, in continuous evolution.

We understand that we are not selling exclusively a product or service for electrical networks, but a permanent relationship with our client throughout successive projects, successive needs, successive eventualities that will come up along the way, along the journey of the relationship.

We understand that "the path" is not limited to a service or product request, but to all the steps, all the decisions, all the vicissitudes, problems and challenges that must be overcome to reach our goal.

A goal that, as we have said, is not the product, but the satisfaction of the parties, the illusion of a job well done, professional growth.

This vision helps us to be more than a product, and gives meaning to such ethereal terms as "attention", "closeness" or "trust".

And all this is to be summed up in one sentence:

Moving Together

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