People and talent

We have the best source of energy on the planet: people. 

Our enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge are reflected in everything we do. We are committed to keeping and implementing initiatives that make our organization an attractive place to work, where knowledge can be acquired and shared and people can develop professionally within a context of innovation, where the levels of demand coexist with the creation of spaces for balancing personal and professional lives.


Our team: diversity, inclusion and equality

Our objective: to generate an attractive work environment in which, in addition to attracting and incorporating talent, we are able to identify and strengthen the talent we already have. We want to generate a shared project in which each person feels a fundamental part of the achievements.

A team, in short, that brings added value to our organization. 

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Who we are

Almost 2,500 people

Almost 2,500 people

In 16 countries

In 16 countries

+35.000 training hours

+35.000 training hours

Sonia Garai

Through our team, we seek excellence for the…

Through our team, we seek excellence for the electricity sector: innovative people who are not afraid to embrace the challenges posed by the future of the sector and want to move forward with enthusiasm, #MovingTogether.

A team, in short, that brings energy to our organization. 

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