We have the best source of energy on the planet: people 

Las personas, nuestra energía

Our enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge are reflected in everything we do. We are committed to keeping and implementing initiatives that make our organization an attractive place to work, where knowledge can be acquired and shared and people can develop professionally within a context of innovation, where the levels of demand coexist with the creation of spaces for balancing personal and professional lives.

Our objective: to generate an attractive working environment in which, in addition to attracting and incorporating talent, we are able to identify and strengthen the talent we already have. We want to generate a shared project in which each person feels a fundamental part of the achievements.

In order to achieve this objective, the Group assumes and promotes the following general principles of action that should govern the management of its human capital:

  • A suitable framework of labor relations and agreed mechanisms for the adaptation of the organization to business and social requirements, favoring the objectives of competitiveness and business efficiency; 
  • The design of a valuable labor offer that favors the attraction, selection, hiring, promotion and loyalty of talent, comprising competitive remuneration and a diverse and inclusive work environment that facilitates the reconciliation of personal and professional life and promotes the professional growth of the Group's human team. This professional growth must be based on objective performance criteria, equal opportunities and commitment to Arteche's purpose, mission and values and to the Group's business project;
  • The development of homogeneous Human Resources processes that advance in the implementation of a talent culture in all the countries in which the Group operates, respecting local particularities;
  • The definition as a strategic objective of the development of labor relations based on equal opportunities, non-discrimination and the consideration of diversity and inclusion in all its variables. 
  • Likewise, measures should be promoted to facilitate the integration of disadvantaged groups and with different abilities, as well as to achieve a favorable environment that makes it easier for professionals to reconcile work and personal life, respecting the legislation in force in each country and following the best international practices; 
  • The consolidation of stable and quality jobs; 
  • A remuneration system that allows the attraction and loyalty of the best professionals and aligns their objectives with those of the Group; 
  • Valuing the contribution of all professionals to the Group's value creation and growth; 
  • The guarantee that the processes of attraction, selection, hiring and promotion of the Group's companies ensure that all our professionals are people who are aligned with Arteche's purpose, mission and values and with the principles set out in the code of ethics, valuing 
  • Their track record and rejecting those who lack the required suitability. This is without prejudice to the respect for individual identity and convictions.