Acopladores PLC-BPL para media tensión

Arteche has a deep experience designing and manufacturing Medium Voltage Broadband over Power Line couplers (MV-BPL) for deployments (PLC/BPL) .  With a reliable performance, Arteche's coupling devices have become one of the main references with more than 20.000 devices in operation worldwide.

Our range of couplers enables Distribution System Operators (DSOs) to deploy an utility-grade Broadband over Power Line in MV feeders, creating an cost-effective IP-Based private communication channel comparable in performance with DSL or cable technologies.

With MV-BPL couplers designed to operate in various MV environments (overhead lines, air insulated indoor applications, plug-in bushings and underground applications) Arteche couplers allow an easy and quick installation that guarantees total safety for both the operator and the power system.