Power Grid

Power Grid

Primary equipment, smart electronic devices and solutions to improve transmission & distribution management, power generation and industrial power systems.

Power Grid

Distribution Automation

RTUs and field controllers to monitor and control medium voltage distribution equipment

Measurement sensors. Medium voltage sensors.

A wide range of current and voltage sensors to deploy smart grid functionalities over medium voltage networks.

PLC-BPL couplers for MV

PLC/BPL couplers for Medium voltage grids

Capacitor banks and harmonic filters

Capacitor banks and harmonic filters for low, medium, and high voltage systems

Reclosers and switches

Medium voltage reclosers and switching equipment up to 36 kV

Substation automation systems

Comprehensive engineering services for substation automation systems

Auxiliary Relays

High performance safety relays and contactors for protection, regulation and interconnection in command and control circuits.
Railway relays

Railway relays

Reliable and high performance relays for on-board, trackside and signalling applications.

Secondary injection test blocks

saTECH TSB: Test blocks and plugs for secondary injection testing

Control and automation devices

Inteligent electronic devices for substation and power system automation.

Air insulated switchgears

Metal clad switchgear for primary distribution up to 36kV

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