Servicios Red Eléctrica

Power Grid operation management is growing in complexity over time. Thus making effective decisions, finding the appropriate strategies and minimizing risks are becoming ever more important.

The knowledge, experience and worldwide presence allow Arteche to understand the needs and challenges of every electrical system, transmission and distribution grid. Arteche provide comprehensive added value services for the power sector that help optimizing productivity, performance, budget and safety of any electric infrastructure, sustaining results over time through long-term partnerships.

Offering the right technical consulting from start to finish allows utilities and industries to improve their CAPEX and OPEX while reducing the service disruptions. In addition, the customized training help participants to improve their daily operation, whether it is in the field of technical specification, engineering, network operating or asset management, and find the correct long-term strategy.

Arteche also offers extensive lifecycle services using preventive and predictive maintenance plans, based on evaluations, diagnosis, remote monitoring, etc. This extensive maintenance service guarantee the reliability and availability of the assets in all kind of substations in transmission and distribution grids.