Presenting the winners of the 4th artPhoto

16 Nov 2018

A total of 245 images, from 20 different countries, participated in the 4th artPhoto, the photography contest organised by the Arteche Group.

This edition, which has gathered the greatest number of participants so far, reflects the social impact of electricity in our daily life and the infrastructures that surround us, in four different categories.

  • Life and Power: these should be reflective of the impact of electric power in the daily life of people and society, its influence in daily occurrences of each one of us in any possible view: how electricity offer us light, warmth, how it moves us or how it part of our entertainment.
  • Infrastructure and electric equipment: the impact of power in our life would be impossible without the needed infrastructure and equipments generation, transmission and power distribution which permits us to use it in our advantage and which mold our landscapes.
  • Arteche Products: compositions including any ARTECHE product.
  • Electric framework: this category should represent how deep is the fit regarding professionals of electric sector and their companies.

The fourth edition of the contest proved to be a success not only measured on level of participation, which has by far surpassed previous editions, but by the technical and artistic quality of the photos presented, which have greatly exceeded all expectations.

These are the three photographs which, the judges believe, best reflect the usage and impact of electricity in each of the three categories. No picture has won the Arteche Product category. Their authors, Piotr Skrzpiec, Félix Urrutia and Hernan Jaramillo, will be awarded with a Polaroid Snap Touch instant camera.

The Arteche Group would like to congratulate the winners for their magnificent photographs, worthy of the prize, and would like to thank all the contestants for participating in the 4th artPhoto.

Presenting the winners of the 4th artPhoto