Current sensors

Low Power Current Transformers (LPCT) for Medium Voltage Distribution Automation.

Homopolar Low Power Current Transformer ICFH-5


ICFH-5 is a low power current transformer (LPCT) intended for homopolar protection on Medium Voltage insulated cables. With a signal output according to IEC 61869-6 and IEC 61869-10 standards, those LPCTs for indoor service can be manufactured under UNE, CEI, VDE and IEEE standards.

Documentation and Downloads

Ficha técnica sensART ICFH-5
Datasheet sensART ICFH-5
Ficha técnica sensART ICFH-5
Fiche technique sensART ICFH-5
Technische Datenblatt sensART ICFH-5