IEC 61850 Substation control and automation devices

Intelligent electronic devices for substation and power system automation

Revenue and power quality meter

smART DM9300: High end revenue and power quality meter

Thanks to their high accuracy, multiprotocol features (DNP, IEC-61850, Modbus), safety operation and fast integration into SCADA/EMS systems, smART DM9300 meters facilitate measuring, billing, recording and alarming of power quality monitoring at key nodes of power grids and electrical networks.

  • Power production metering and quality control in power generation facilities.
  • Sub-metering and Power qualitymonitoring to improve system reliability in transmission, distribution and industrial power systems.
  • Revenue and power quality metering at power exchange and HV/MV supply points
The smART DM9300 series is manufactured in 2 mechanical solutions:
  • smART DM9300T: Flush mounted in panel or board.
  • smART DM9300TE: Flush mounted in a panel or board, safely detachable. With optional integrated test block. 


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