Combined sensors

Combined Low Power Instrument Transformers (LPIT) and MV-BPL couplers for Medium Voltage Distribution Automation and smart OEM primary equipment.

Single phase pole metering unit with LPIT


Lightweight, maintenance free and easy to install line post sensors assembly for single phase metering applications on overhead lines, based on Low Power Instrument Transformers.

Includes a Voltage sensor (LPVT) and a current sensor (LPCT) and provides a secondary signal according to IEC 61869-6, IEC 61869-10 and IEC 61869-11 standards. Our single phase LPIT based metering unit offers a reliable and cost-effective solution to enhance MV distribution feeders visibility. Connected to protection, metering and monitoring IEDs with Low Energy Analog Inputs (LEA inputs) they enable key distribution automation functions like directional fault detection, Volt/Var monitoring or theft detection.

Documentation and Downloads

Ficha técnica 1 phase PMU sensor
Datasheet 1 phase PMU sensor
Fiche technique 1 phase PMU sensor
Ficha técnica 1 phase PMU sensor
Technische Datenblatt 1 phase PMU sensor