PVTs, a reliable, cost effective and maintenance free solution

14 Sep 2021
Power Voltage Transformers are used to supply Low Voltage power directly from a High Voltage line up to 550 kV.

Power Voltage Transformers (PVT or SSVT) offer all the benefits of a potential transformer with the applications of a distribution transformer.

PVTs have many advantages when used in renewable energy projects, that are often situated in isolated areas: 
•    Reliable supply, as they are connected directly to the high voltage line. 
•    No maintenance necessary: therefore avoiding the complicated logistics of a system that needs to be transported to the plant.
•    Easy to install and implement.

They also assure the rural electrification, power supply of telecommunication towers in remote areas and temporary power supply when its needed.

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PVTs, a reliable, cost effective and maintenance free solution