Focused on innovation

For Arteche innovation is a strategic variable and a corporate value but, above all, an internal commitment and with our customers.

The intensity of R&D and innovation in the Arteche Group has been on the up and up in recent years, reaching a value of around 3% of our turnover.

Dedication and firm commitment to innovation have always been a historical constant in Arteche, as it is a company that has always sought to rise to the challenges posed by the electric power industry and become an actor in the shaping of the future of our industry.

Thanks to the intensive effort in the field of innovation, Arteche can anticipate trends of the market and of society.

Innovation, in Arteche, has three pillars:


Over half Arteche's sales come from to products and services incorporated during the last decade. This is because we want to offer our customers high-tech equipment and solutions, and innovation is the only way we know to do so.

The capacity to innovate, to incorporate new technologies and develop new products are, for Arteche, strategic aspects of its activity, a source of competitive advantages and, above all, a firm commitment to the satisfaction of our customers. Its vocation and creative dynamism are the adequate foundation for meeting the challenges posed by the electric power industry.

In Arteche we combine traditional operating activities and what we know how to do with exploring the future to achieve solutions to new needs.

Arteche has always been a driver of innovation. We are a team with attitude, skill, ability and determination to be innovative leaders and benchmarks in the sector. Its Ultra-High Voltage Laboratory, one of the largest in Europe, opened in 2012, is a good example of this.


In our continuous search for excellence, we define, improve and develop our quality, safety and environment systems, with the goal of providing our customers with as much value as possible.

In Arteche we all work together towards prevention and continuous improvement, and we perform our functions with responsibility. Given the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility for Arteche, we have adapted all our procedures and modus operandi to be in line with the commitments marked by the ISO 26000, a voluntary standard that helps us in our efforts to improve our environment.


After 75 years of experience in the electric power industry, adapting to the ways of doing things would be the biggest mistake.

The experience and know-how accumulated by Arteche allows us to improve, every day, the way we do things and do them ever faster, cleaner and more effectively, and every day more safely.

The experience and knowledge acquired after seven decades of efforts and the permanent improvement of our processes allow us to improve the working environment, happiness, satisfaction and productivity of the work team, the useful life of the tools and continue to improve.