IEC 61850 Substation control and automation devices

Intelligent electronic devices for substation and power system automation

Remote Input/Output Unit: saTECH RIO

Remote Input/Output Unit: saTECH RIO

Installed near to primary assets, saTECH RIO is an intelligent control and data acquisition device specially designed to manage breakers and switchgear installed in switchyard.

As an interface device, enables to digitalize copper wiring signals through fiber optics, reducing overall installation cost and enhancing monitoring and control functions.

His total transmission time remain below 12 ms. on worst-case condition.

Additionally saTECH RIO provides a total galvanic isolation between primary equipment and local control room, improving operator safety.

Documentation and Downloads

Catálogo - Automatización de Subestaciones
Ficha técnica saTECH RIO
Brochure Substation Automation Devices
Datasheet saTECH RIO
Brochure - Arteche Services
Catálogo de Servicios Arteche
Catálogo de Serviços Arteche

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