Explore our online configuration tool, add your selection to your list and get a precise quote. Doubts? As a registered user, a relays expert is close to you to solve technical or application questions that may arise.

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  1. If you have an account at Arteche.com, please sign in. If not, sing up at Arteche.com and apply for your artechePassport. Preferably use your corporate email. You will receive an email from Arteche.com with a confirmation link to validate your account and to set your own password. Remember to keep your account information safe. 
  2. Navigate to any relays page via the ‘Products’ menu on the top of our webpage and click on the “Relays configurator” button. 
  3. You will be forwarded to your account page at our configuration tool.  
  4. By means of the main menu, choose the category of your interest and you will access a detailed list, with advanced filters and other tools to support your reference selection.

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Why should I use the relays config tool?

We manufacture and manage thousands of relays references both for power and railway industries. Each relay has its own unique SKU depending on the selected range, characteristics and options. Any option change may vary price or delivery time. Matching your needs with our SKUs allow us to give you a detailed response. You can do it wherever, whenever and you will get your quotation faster, with a higher level of detail, and better documented than with the traditional phone call, VC or email-guided process. 

How to find the right choice?

Do you have any technical questions? Application doubt? As a registered user you will have a specialized team close to you. If required, an application engineer will help you  solve any engineering challenges or find the best solution for demanding applications with specific requirements. In the same way our relays’ performance and reliability support critical operations, our experts support your projects with confidence and expertise, both in physical and digital channels.

How can I access the relays online configurator?

To access this tool, you need to be a registered user at Arteche.com. It is free, it will take you less than 5 minutes and you will be provided with access to enhanced contents, like online config tools or technical brochures. 
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