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RTUs and field controllers to monitor and control medium voltage distribution equipment

RTU for MV feeder automation - adaTECH CMD

RTU for MV feeder automation - adaTECH CMD

The adaTECH CMD is a compact RTU for MV feeder automation, a single intelligent device for controlling and monitoring all kind of MV switching elements like secondary substations, Ring Main Units or load break switches (LBS).

Its flexibility, easy maintenance and compact size make it a cost-effective solution for MV network management and distribution automation deployments.

An intelligent, secure, safe and reliable device to enable the advanced distribution automation.

Enables advanced distribution automation thanks to its full range of features:

  • Monitoring, controlling and management functionalities.
  • Directional fault passage detection.
  • Automatic fault location, isolation and service restoration (FLISR).
  • Current and voltage measurement up to 3 MV lines with sensors LPVT/LPCT (Low Power Voltage Transformer / Low Power Current Transformer) or conventional VT / CT (Voltage Transformer / Current Transformer).
  • Switchgear status monitoring up to 3 switches.
  • Local and remote alarming.
  • Cybersecurity capabilities: SSH, HTTPS, IEEE1686, IEC62351-5…
  • Remote control: IEC 60870-5-104 or DNP3 protocols.
  • Secure Web Server: RTU management and RTU status monitoring.
  • Automated remote management: web services.
  • Remote firmware upgrade via web or web services.

Several models suited for all kind MV distribution automation applications:

  • RMU / compact substation monitoring: 1 up to 3 lines depending on the model.
  • RMU / compact substation automation: 1 up to 3 lines depending on the model.
  • Load Break Switch (LBS) automation and monitoring:
  • Overhead line monitoring
  • Capacitor bank control.
  • Feeder monitoring.

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Ficha técnica adaTECH CMD
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Ficha técnica adaTECH CMD
Fiche technique adaTECH CMD
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