Substation automation systems

Comprehensive engineering services for substation automation systems

SAS Consulting & Training

SAS Consulting & Training

Arteche commissioned its first substation automation system in 1974. Since then, it has commissioned over 1000 successful substation automation projects worldwide integrating devices from different manufacturers, providing deep specialized knowledge in domains such as the protection of electrical systems, automation, communication protocols and control strategies.

Today Arteche has proven experience and skilled application experts giving responses to the particular needs of each project. With its own specialized teams in USA, Mexico, Brazil and Spain, Arteche is a reference in substation automation systems that provides technological independence, a strong commitment to interoperability and a proven experience implementing multi-vendor substation automation systems.

  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Audit of control, protection and communication systems
  • Training in substation control and automation
  • Software and hardware development

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