Secondary injection test blocks

saTECH TSB: Test blocks and plugs for secondary injection testing

Secondary injection test blocks - saTECH TSB 18

Secondary injection test blocks - saTECH TSB 18

Arteche saTECH TSB test blocks simplify the development of secondary injection testing on protective relay, meters, fault recorders, and control panels. They are used as required to test, calibrate, and monitor electronic devices operation without disconnecting the installation nor handling the system wiring.

During their normal operation saTECH TSB keeps his contact closed. When inserting the test-plug the contacts open, short-circuiting currents to avoid any electrical risk for the user.

Safety and security are the key features of saTECH TSB. They have safe test plug connection / disconnection sequences to prevent unwanted trips and operations. User never has access to live parts.

With a compact design and 18 poles, Arteche’s test blocks can be used to test any protection schemes. The type and the matching characteristic for each pole can be selected to fit each application requirements.

In terms of functionality, the low resistance of saTECH TSB contacts warrantees an excellent performance in all kind of applications, including the test of modern high sensitivity protections and IED. The test-plug, with a sturdy and functional design, provides high versatility to the user .A single test-plug covers all test block pole configurations.

Documentation and Downloads

Ficha Tecnica saTECH TSB 18
Manual de usuario saTECH-TSB 14&18

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