Distribution Automation

RTUs and field controllers to monitor and control medium voltage distribution equipment

Secondary substation Monitoring RTU

Secondary substation Monitoring RTU

In urban areas, secondary substations (Ring Main Units) play a key role in the electrical distribution systems. As switching nodes in ring topologies, they allow distribution system operation and reconfiguration. adaTECH FR device range provides advanced functionalities to monitor, control and manage ring main units and other switching nodes.

adaTECH FRM (Feeder Remote Monitor) are real time monitoring device for secondary substations / RMUs. They has application specific functionalities like directional fault location, local and remote alarming, active/reactive/apparent power measurement, oscillography and SER (sequential event recorder) among others, retrieving all of installation relevant data in a single device. As a field RTU, can be integrated in upper level operation management systems under different remote control protocols. 

Combined with voltage and current sensors, adaTECH FR offers a reliable platform to deploy smart grid benefits over new and existing assets in medium voltage grids, enhancing the quality of service, operation capabilities and the system visibility at a competitive and cost efficient manner. 

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