Railway relays

Reliable and high performance relays for on-board, trackside and signalling applications.

Signalling relays

Signalling relays

Track signaling applications require safety relays due to their high responsibility functionalities. Railway authorities and train operators struggle to repair and maintain their old relay types designed under very strict and ancient standards such as B-style relays (Netherlands, US); N.S1 relays (French standard SNCF); Q-style relays (British Rail Standard BR930).

As an alternative, Arteche offers its proven technology as safety relay manufacturer to provide a compact and cost effective alternative for several track signaling applications such as electrical control point machines and level crossing

Documentation and Downloads

Catálogo Relés aplicaciones ferroviarias
Catálogo Relés aplicações ferroviárias
Catalogue Relais applications ferroviaires
Brochure Railway relays
Katalog Hilfsrelais für anwendungen im eisenbahnwesen
Flyer Auxiliary relays for railway applications
Manual de usuario bases y accesorios relés
Manual Bases e acessórios para relés
User manual Sockets and accessories for auxiliary relays
Flyer Front Connection Cage Clamp Socket
Folheto Base cage clamp de conexão frontal

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