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Medium voltage reclosers and switching equipment up to 36 kV

Single-phase capacitor switches CSL

Single-phase capacitor switches CSL

CSL oil capacitor switches are specially designed to operate capacitive loads in medium voltage circuits.

Isolated on AV-58 mineral oil, CSL capacitor switches can be operated manually and optionally by an electric drive. They are operated locally and can be supplied with a control cabinet to provide remote control and/or automation capabilities based on time, voltage or current.

CSL capacitor switches are single phase and can be combined by junction boxes to operate two-phase and three-phase circuits with a single control cabinet. An economical and reliable way to switch pole mount capacitor banks and other capacitive loads in distribution grids. 

CLS capacitor switches are used in many applications, always related with capacitive loads:

  • Capacitor banks switching.
  • Public lighting systems switching. 
  • Isolation of duty loads in rural and urban distribution grids.

Note: (*) It can be used to switching grounded capacitor bank in a 20/34.5kV system.

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