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smART RC three-phase vacuum recloser

smART RC three-phase vacuum recloser

smART RC Plus recloser is a three-phase vacuum circuit breaker to handle medium voltage feeders in normal conditions of operation and in short circuit conditions. They are specially designed to automatically protect lines and customers, isolate faults, and restore service if the fault has been cleared. Since many short circuit that occur in medium voltage feeders are transient in nature, the use of reclosers greatly improves the continuity of supply and the quality of service.

With different protection, automation and control options, the recloser smART RC is suitable for use in modern automation schemes and in outage management systems (fault location, isolation and service restoration), under different network protocols, such as DNP or IEC 61850.

Designed according to ANSI Standards C37.60, IEC 62271-111, NMX-J-517-ANCE, IEC 61000-4 and IEC 60255; smART RC uses vacuum switching technology:

  • Mechanical and operational simplicity.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • High performance protection and control features with great ease of configuration and use.
  • Downstream voltage measures allow to control reconnections with increased safety against distributed generation or large loads on the line.
  • High frequency switching power supply allows to monitor battery status.
  • Single and standard control battery, easily replaced in any country.

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