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Substation Control Unit - saTECH SCU

Substation Control Unit - saTECH SCU

saTECH SCU is a native IEC 61850 substation controller. It performs two main functions: work as a substation level controller and manage communications with remote control rooms and maintenance centers.

Fanless, without mobile parts and specially designed for substation environments, saTECH SCU offers a high performance also in the most demanding situations.

The capabilities to define different levels of redundancy, the security features and his capacity to integrate existing devices in an IEC-61850 network makes your investment future-proof.

  • As a substation level controller is capable to integrate, control and automate hundreds of IED under different protocols.
  • As an IEC-61131-3 logic controller executes advanced control schemas to optimize installation management and maintenance.
  • Additionally it can serve saTECH HMI, a flexible SCADA/WEB software tool with a powerful web based interface.
  • Optionally the device can incorporate touch screen as local HMI. 
  • For remote control applications, saTECH SCU offers advanced functionalities as protocol gateway and communication processor, enabling simultaneous connections with multiple remote control rooms over different protocols.


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Catálogo Automatización de Subestaciones
Ficha técnica saTECH SCU
Brochure Substation Automation Devices
Datasheet saTECH SCU
Unidad de Control de Subestación - saTECH SCU
Unidad de Control de Subestación - saTECH SCU
Unidad de Control de Subestación - saTECH SCU
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Catálogo de Serviços Arteche
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