Arteche is a project that is shared with the people who are part of the Group, all our clients, our suppliers, and the whole of the society in which we develop our activity.

Ethics, honesty, solidarity, and transparency are the principles that make up our philosophy and which all of us at Arteche follow, always seeking excellence in quality and service. Our commitment to society is strong, and all of us at Arteche want to participate actively in order to contribute to social development, and to generate value for our clients and for society as a whole. 

Sustainability in our DNA

Commitment to the United Nations Global Compact since 2014

Our companies have been recognized for our socially responsible management. In fact, we have implemented the ISO 26000 standard in our multi-site, integrated management system in many of them in order to promote the economic and social benefit of local communities.

Our goal is to develop innovative projects that help us in implementing the concept of sustainability in each and every one of our company's activities.

Our commitment is to move forward together, #MovingTogether

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Our contribution to the
2030 Agenda

Our milestones
in data

- 9,4%

- 9,4%

Water consumption

- 10%

- 10%

Gas consumption

- 31%

- 31%

Gasoline consumption



Environmental Incidents

Alex Artetxe

There is an increasingly strong trend towards…

There is an increasingly strong trend towards developing sustainability strategies in companies, and this is very positive because it demonstrates the growing importance of the values associated with sustainability in our society.  

We work to contribute more value to society every day.