Sustainability Report 2019 published

14 Jul 2020
Sustainability, ethics and transparency are fundamental values in our philosophy

As part of Arteche Group’s commitment to transparency, we're making public our 2019 Sustainability Report. This report details the group's values and commitment to ethics, sustainability, the environment, people and society.

How we understand Sustainability

At Arteche, sustainability currently plays a fundamental role in our philosophy. Our goal is to develop innovative projects that help us in implementing the concept of sustainability in each and every one of our company's activities.

Good Governance, Ethics and Risk Management

Arteche has a corporate governance system which is mainly made up of the Corporate Bylaws, the Regulations of the different governing bodies, the Group's mission, vision and values, the Code of Ethical Conduct, the corporate policies and the Integrated Management Model. Good governance and proper management have been a further step in promoting an ethical culture and are key aspects in the sustainability of our business model.

Our commitment against corruption and bribery

The fight against corruption and bribery is part of our basic goals in terms of sustainability and good governance, and has meant the establishment of preventive measures which ensure strict compliance with the legal system in force in the territories where we carry out our activities, including the approval of the Code of Ethical Conduct and the Crime Prevention Program.

Our Commitment to the People

The people who make up the Arteche Group are key to developing a sustainable project as explicitly expressed in our Code of Ethical Conduct and our values. People's experience, knowledge and motivation are reflected in each of our products and services.

Our Environmental Commitment

As part of Arteche's commitment to sustainable development, our vocation is to promote and integrate a responsible culture with the environment. For this purpose, we ensure compliance with environmental regulations and propose the necessary actions for continuous improvement and the prevention of environmental risks.

Our Social Commitment

We have undertaken a commitment to the society and the environment in which we operate, and consequently declare our willingness to work with responsibility and honesty, contributing to the well-being and economic and social progress of the communities where we carry out our activities. We promote the support of charitable, educational and community service activities, contributing to the improvement of the societies in which we are present through different actions.

You can find detailed information about this and other milestones in our Sustainability Report 2019.

Sustainability Report 2019 published