Test Block Configurator

Set up your 14-pin block

This guided configuration tool will help you to configure the saTECH TSB test block according to the requirements of your application. Just select the different circuit types, installation preferences (horizontal or vertical) and accessories (combs) to quickly and easily identify the reference that best suits your needs.

Optionally you can request a quote without obligation. You will need to specify quantities and provide basic contact information. Our specialist closest to your location will send you detailed information, quote and delivery time based on your selection.

How to select the terminals

The designation of the terminals in the Arteche TSB test blocks is done by grouping them in groups selected by the desired behavior.

In the diagram, we can see an example of wiring between a test block and the primary elements.

Esquema de las bornas

  • Circuits 1: Circuits that must be opened as soon as the insertion maneuver begins because they act on the primary elements or provide information on the primary elements that may cause actions: Triggers, signals and possibly the power supply of the protection itself and those that remain unwired. In the example diagram (see picture) are terminals 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19.
  • Circuits 2: Circuits in which their opening does not cause major effects (voltage circuits). In the example image are the terminals 1, 3, 5, 7.
  • Circuits A: Circuits to be short-circuited before separation from primary elements, current injection terminals. In the example image are the terminals 21, 23, 25.
  • Circuits B: Current collector circuits, terminators of a current group. These would be the current outputs of the instruments once they have been evaluated. These are the terminals 27 in the example image.

Therefore, the block designation in the example would be a
TSB 14 2222111111AAAB

Note: The result of this configurator is informative and is provided as guidance, it does not represent a contractual agreement until you receive a formal confirmation or a quote from our sales team or our official distributors.