The Tolpán Sur wind farm initiated in Chile with the participation of Arteche

12 Dec 2019
The project has had the complete Power Quality solution for grid connected renewables, including, in addition to equipment, electrical studies, field measurements and final validations

The Tolpán Sur wind farm, with the capacity to produce clean energy for more than 125,000 Chilean homes, has benefited from the complete solution of Power quality for grid connected renewables by Arteche.

Renewable energy plants must meet strict requirements set by grid codes. Understanding these requirements and the actual state of each electrical system is essential for reaching an optimal solution technically and economically.

Arteche, with the aim of ensuring the viability of the project and its performance, collaborates with its clients from the conception to the start-up of the park. Thus, in this project that will prevent the emission of almost 300,000 tons of CO2 per year, we have participated with all our services linked to power quality solutions.

We carry out initial measurements at the connection point, and technical studies of harmonic components, load flow, TRV transients and rapid voltage changes. These studies help to define the optimal equipment, since its dimensioning and design are key factors.

In this case, capacitor banks of 8.5MVAr 33kV, batteries of 4 MVAr 34.5kV and a short-circuit limiting reactors were designed, produced and delivered in Chile. After the delivery, Arteche helped the client to start up the equipment at the substation itself.

In addition, it was verified with final on-site measurements that the energy supplied complies with the applicable Network Codes, thus validating the solution delivered and installed. These two projects are in addition to those already supplied in South Africa, Mexico, Guatemala and Dubai, among others.

The Tolpán Sur wind farm initiated in Chile with the participation of Arteche