Trip, supervision and auxiliary relays

Relays for critical and safety applications in substations and HV power systems


With more than 60 years’ experience manufacturing high quality electromechanical relays (EM relays), ARTECHE is a worldwide reference for critical and safety applications. Our offering includes a complete range of auxiliary, trip, lockout and contactor relays specially designed for the most demanding environments. Millions of Arteche power relays are in service worldwide.

Arteche plug in power relays are designed to provide high breaking capacity, high dielectric strength (galvanic isolation), high speed operating time and are able to withstand vibrations and seismic conditions. With a wide range of voltages, options and accessories, Arteche relays perfect fit each application requirement, guaranteeing a reliable performance during a long product lifecycle, also under severe environmental conditions.

Documentation and Support

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Flyer Auxiliary relays
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Brochure Instantaneous relays
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User manual Sockets and accessories for auxiliary relays
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