Distribution Automation Controllers

Multifunctional field RTUs / Distribution Automation Controllers engineered to monitor overhead and underground distribution grids and control MV switching equipment.

Underground Distribution Automation Controllers - CMDA

Underground Distribution Automation Controllers - CMDA

The adaTECH CMDA is a distribution automation controller engineered to control and monitor secondary distribution MV equipment, like Gas Insulated Ring Main Units (RMU), transformer stations, pad mounted gear, vault  / subsurface switchgear and other MV switching equipment installed in a ring / radial topology  .   

Combined with Low Power Instrument Transformers, our DA controller offers an  engineered solution to operate and manage up to 3 feeders / lines, providing real time grid and equipment status data from field to utility level distribution and assets management services.

Its flexibility, low maintenance and compact size make it a reliable solution both to upgrade MV installed Ring Main Units base and enhance new manufactured MV switching equipment.

  • Automatic Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR).
  • Load balancing
  • Volt/Var Monitoring
  • Outage management
  • Grid conection / disconection of renewable
  • Assets management
  • Secure Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). 
  • Switching logics. Fault isolation. 
  • Remote and local operation. 
  • Directional earth fault detection. 
  • Voltage presence and absence. 
  • Voltage, current and power measurement. 
  • Oscillographic fault recording. 
  • Alarms management (fire, floods, battery status, etc.). 
  • Device for CT 2L+XP (transformer substation with 2 MV input lines and 1 or 2 MV/LV power transformers), with 2 tele-controlled and 1 supervised line (1 x 3 (LPVT), 1 x 4 (LPCT)). 
  • Device for CT 3L+XP (transformer substation with 3 MV input lines and 1 or 2 MV/LV power transformers), with 3 tele-controlled and 2 supervised line (2 x 3 (LPVT), 2 x 4 (LPCT)). 


Models Overhead Distribution Automation Controllers for LBS - CMDA

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