Power Voltage Transformers

Power Voltage Transformers up to 550 kV

UTP Series – Power Voltage Transformers

UTP Series – Power Voltage Transformers

Arteche UTP is a Power Voltage Transformer series up to 362 kV and 333 kVA. They use an oil paper insulation and a metallic oil level compensating system.

Arteche UTP series allows different options: 

  • Terminal for main insulation monitoring (tangent delta measurement) 
  • Inner temperature monitoring sensor.
  • Over-pressure relief valve with connection capability to SCADA system 
  • Additional secondaries for measuring and/or protection.
  • Taps for voltage regulation.

Documentation and Downloads

Datasheet Serie UTP - Transformadores de Tensión para Servicios Auxiliares
Datasheet UTP Series – Power Voltage Transformers
Datasheet Linha UTP - Transformadores de Potencial para Serviços auxiliares
Datasheet Série UTP - Transformateurs de Tension pour services auxiliaires