We present you the VII edition of artPhotoArtphoto web

Nearly 700 photographs from 50 countries were submitted to the previous edition. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the VII artPhoto!


As in previous editions, this is a free competition open to everyone. Similarly, as in the last edition, the competition consists of 4 different categories:


  • Life and Power: electricity brings light, warms us, moves us and entertains us. The photographs will reflect the influence of electricity in our life and society.
  • Infrastructure and electric equipment: the impact of power in our life would be impossible without the needed infrastructure and equipments generation, transmission and power distribution which permits us to use it in our advantage and which mold our landscapes.
  • Arteche Products: our products are present in more than 175 countries. The photographs will show them in factories, substations, projects, landscapes, integrated in other products, etc.
  • Electric framework: our energy is people. The photographs will represent the connection between professionals in the electrical sector and the tasks they perform.


Shipping Method

The photos have to be send to [email protected]om, identified with their author’s data (name, surname and contact details) and the work’s data (title and category on which it is presented).

The four photographs which, in the jury’s view, best reflect the usage and impact of electric power in each category will be awarded with:

Artphoto VI Premio


Further information can be consulted through the following link.

Documentation and Downloads

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artPhoto VII Conditions
artPhoto VII Bases
artPhoto VII Conditions
artPhot VII Teilnahmebedingungen