Sensores de Tensión

Arteche Low Power Voltage Transformers (LPVT, also known as voltage sensors or voltage transducers) are based on reliable and well-known resistive voltage divider technique. Designed for medium voltage environments, they provide reliable and accurate measures for monitoring, protection and automation devices (IEDs), enabling key functionalities like protection or directional fault detection in a cost-effective way. Their main features are:

  • Technical performance: Advantages like large dynamic range and good linearity -also with harmonics- are enhancing today’s measurement capabilities and tomorrow’s new functionalities.
  • Direct compatibility with Intelligent electronic devices (IEDs): Directly compatible with IEDs equipped with Low Energy Analog Inputs (LEA Inputs), nowadays widely available on the market.
  • Safety and reliability: Without ferro resonance or open secondary effects, minimizing workers exposition to dangerous voltage hazards.
  • Standard: A single reference cover a wide range of applications, simplifying stocks an managed references. Designed in compliance with IEC 61869-6 and IEC 61869-11 standards.
  • Compact dimensions and weight: Error free and simple installation process for new and existing systems.