We present the four winning photos of the 8th artPhoto

28 Oct 2022
500 photos have been submitted from 15 countries to the 8th artPhoto contest, over 100 in each category

500 photos have taken part in the 8th artPhoto, the photography competition organized by Arteche. The photos, submitted from 15 different countriesm have shaped the daily use and social impact of electricity in our lives. 

After an exhaustive selection made by over 300 professionals of Arteche, these were the ones that best captured the use and impact of electricity in each one of the four categories. 

From Arteche, we would like to congratulate the winners of the competition for their magnificent photos that are highly deserving of the prize, and wish to thank all the contestants for their participation in the 8th artPhoto competition. 

Life & Power - Anfiteatro iluminado

artPhoto Life and Power

Óscar Saavedra Romero

Infrastructure and electric equipment - Trenbidea



artPhoto Equipment

Felix Urrutia

Electric framework - En las alturas



artphoto electric framework

José Venegas

Arteche Products - Laboratorio



artphoto arteche products

Bruno Sans

We present the four winning photos of the 8th artPhoto