Batteries de condensateurs et filtres anti-harmoniques. Basse tension

Batteries de condensateurs et filtres anti-harmoniques basse tension

Batteries de condensateurs et filtres anti-harmoniques basse tension

Quality of service is a set of electrical properties’ limits that allow an optimal operation of electrical systems and equipment, without a significant loss of performance nor diminishing its operational life.

All electrical equipment, without exceptions, might have operational problems if exposed to one or more power quality issues: motors, transformers, generators, appliances, communication devices and other electronic devices, such as computers.

From the economic point of view, the impact of a bad power quality is significant: diminished working life of electric equipment, penalties due to low power factor and greater apparent power consumption. Ultimately, an increase in the power bill and maintenance costs.

Arteche offers a full range of products and services to correct these phenomena, especially for power factor correction, filtering harmonic currents and voltage support.


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