Dispositifs de contrôle-commande CEI 61850

Intelligent electronic devices for substation and power system automation

Bay Control Unit: saTECH BCU

Bay Control Unit: saTECH BCU

Our substation grade saTECH BCU series is a bay data acquisition and control IED with a high density of inputs and outputs, capable to manage a full featured 500kV bay.

With native IEC 61850 stack and multiprotocol support, saTECH BCU enables different migration strategies to digital substation, integrating legacy devices using serial or Ethernet protocols into a fully digital system.

saTECH BCU’s devices offers a wide range of acquisition configurations to fit each installation requirements.

His reliable EMC, vibration and impact withstand performance enables his application in most demanding environments and critical applications.

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Ficha técnica saTECH BCU
Brochure Substation Automation Devices
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Arteche Services
Ficha Técnica saTECH BCU

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