COPEL Process Bus Installation using Arteche Optical Current Transformer

21 Jun 2013
COPEL Process Bus Installation using Arteche Optical Current Transformer

An IEC 61850 Process Bus pilot installation using optical fiber sensing technology was successfully commissioned at COPEL´s 138kV Posto Fiscal substation in the state of Paraná, Brazil. This is their first Process Bus project and a true milestone in the deployment of a new generation of digital substations at COPEL.

The key element of the new system is Arteche´s SDO optical current transformer based on the Faraday effect, which allows fully passive current measurement in high voltage installations. The process bus architecture implemented by COPEL is a multivendor IEC 61850 communications network and other than the Arteche optical current transformers and merging unit, it also contains third party devices such as an IEC 61850-9-2 compliant distance relay, multifunctional digital fault recorder, energy meter, precise time synchronization device and a substation grade Ethernet switch. The new system is installed in parallel with the existing conventional protection and is acting as a “shadow system” without physically operating the circuit breaker.


he project included an intensive “proof-of-concept” and interoperability testing that took place in February 2013 at Arteche´s local facilities in Curitiba, Brazil. The site installation and commissioning was carried out in April by COPEL´s own personnel with the assistance of experts from Arteche facilities in Brazil, Spain and Australia.

The main objective of this project is to verify and validate the performance and technical advantages of non-conventional instrument transformers as well as to assess first-hand the ease with which the field work required for installation could be carried out. One of the important goals COPEL has identified for the project was to learn about state of the art of non-conventional instrument transformers and to verify seamless interoperability with multiple manufacturers of process bus compliant devices.

“Digital measurement is a technological breakthrough and offers several benefits for our company such as increased safety, higher accuracy, better performance, lower maintenance and significant cost reduction due to elimination of copper cabling” said Marco Antonio Marin, electrical engineer, COPEL.