Arteche TyT has obtained, for the third year running, the ESR seal of dinstinction accrediting it as a Socially Responsible Company

Arteche TyT obtained ESR seal dinstinction - accrediting Socially Responsible Company

Arteche Transformadores y Tecnología has obtained, for the third year running, the Socially Responsible Company ESR seal of distinction, a recognition awarded annually by the Mexican Philanthropy Center (CEMEFI) and the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility (AliaRSE), that accredits quality of life in the company, its business ethics and relationship with the community where it works and its care and conservation of the environment.

Arteche TyT, with headquarters in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico, is one of the estimated 1,100 Mexican companies to be recognized with the ESR distinctive seal, that demonstrates the Group’s firm commitment to acting with responsibility and honesty, contributing to the wellbeing and economic and social progress of the environment it acts in.

Cemefi and AliaRSE recognize the efforts of Arteche TyT to voluntarily and publicly assume a commitment to implementing a socially responsible and continuous improvement management as part of its business culture and strategy.

The ESR Seal of Distinction award ceremony will be held in the framework of the 9th Latin American Encounter of socially responsible companies, from May 2 to 5 in the WTC of Mexico City.